StickOnPods helps you organize and store your cosmetics

The StickOnPods Story

It's said that the best ideas are right in front of you, just waiting to be imagined!

There I was every morning, opening the medicine cabinet to tweeze a little, QTip my ears, brush my teeth and put on my makeup. A big empty unutilized white sheet of inspiration!. All this beautiful crap overrunning my cabinet, it's in a mess, it falls out of the cabinet and I can't find anything. I think about this everyday for years, every time I open that medicine cabinet door.

Then corporate reality hits our family hard with a layoff. Now that's real inspiration! Time to reflect and think, "What are we going to do?". Nerve-wracking at first, but on the bright side, liberating, we're free to do what we want! Hey what about that idea I've been thinking about for years. It's time to finally do it. Build our organizing products and build a company with a line of StickOnPods Organizers.







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